Sunday, December 30, 2007

man on bicycle - zanzibar

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  1. i don't normally take photos from moving cars, but then i'm the one usually doing the driving. we took a small bus from our beach hotel back to zanzibar town, so i decided to see what i could get while speeding along the country roads.

    david took a lot of road pictures when they were visiting us in uganda, so i picked up a little of the technique from him.

    bump up your iso sufficiently so you can get at least 1/1000 at f/8. ideally, faster shutter speed and tighter f/stop, but depending on the light you take what you can get. the fast shutter speed is to stop the action as you're traveling down the road at 100km/h. the tight f/stop is because you're going to put your lens on manual focus and forget about it. you want as much depth of field as possible because you're never quite sure exactly how far away your subject will be.

    you want to disable autofocus so that the camera doesn't have to do anything when you press the shutter release and you can get the timing right as you pass by. if your subject is 2 meters away and you're traveling 100km/h, it's not spending very much time in the frame, so shutter timing is important.