Sunday, December 9, 2007

bringing it on home

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  1. the folks that have spent some time in uganda might be able to relate to this photo better. you know what ugandan MCs are like and you can picture the way he's dancing right now. this woman was one of the later (last? i think that's the sweeper car behind?) finishers of the 10km.

    she was being escorted down the finish stretch with song and dance from the mc, much to the crowds approval. she didn't seem as appreciative at the time, but i think it was just because she was working so hard. if places were traded, she would have been having just as good a time as anyone else in the crowd.

    people ask what life is like for ugandan women, and my first thought is that it's quite good. i think opportunities are good in education and employment, there are woman members of parliament, body image doesn't seem to be as big a deal as it is in the west (how could it), there were a ton of women out in the marathon today. uganda sure isn't saudi arabia. but i'm not as sure what it's like at home. i think spousal abuse is quite high and laws favor the husband.