Monday, December 24, 2007

starfish - chumbe island, zanzibar


  1. INCREDIBLE shot, Phili! This one should be for sale somewhere.

    Happy New Year and hope all is well! Look for our Christmas card in about - oh - a couple weeks or so! ;)

  2. red is the tricky color with canon and RAW vs jpg. this looks good on my vaio, but way too orange on my mac. i hope it looks red for you.

    we walked around chumbe island with the ranger for two hours as the tide went out, and it was some of the favorite "game" viewing we've had in africa and maybe the highlight of the zanzibar trip. after the giant clams, these starfish were some of my favorite and i was looking for exactly this shot as we walked. sun overhead and breeze on the shallow tidal pools to make that outdoor swimming pool light pattern. some were in water too deep or fully out of the water, so i was glad to finally find one that was just right.

  3. thanks! i'm home in feb, so you could send a card to the studio, or hand-deliver if i visit s.w.r?