Thursday, January 3, 2008

fuel woes in kampala

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  1. because of the post-election craziness in kenya, kampala is out of petrol. western kenya isn't safe enough for the tanker trucks to drive, so the tankers have stayed put. we have a diesel, currently at half a tank, so we're still good. but most ugandans only have a few liters in their tank at any given time, so if fuel runs out, they have a day before their car does, too.

    rumor had it that this station had fuel so it was swamped by bodaboda drivers, all with their empty cooking-oil jugs.

    i'm not really a journalist. and i've never been taught anything about how to tell stories with a photo. so i took a number of pics that weren't too inspiring. this doesn't really show what's going on, but i think each of the foreground people is interesting on his own and all three interesting as a group. the empty rack at left adds a little something, as well.