Thursday, December 13, 2007

arua market panorama

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  1. arua is in the far northwest of uganda close to the borders of sudan and the democratic republic of congo. we were there for a few days while paige set up a regional headquarters there. i didn't take many pictures on this trip, but we'll be back. it's a great part of the country.

    living in kampala, and prior to going there, it seemed to us that arua might as well have been on the moon. it is Remote. so we were surprised at how active the city is (Very) and almost overwhelmed at how huge their market is.

    this is just a part of it, seen from the top of our hotel. it's a four-shot panorama made with ptgui, some sweet photo-stitching software that i pirated. i will buy a version once i get cs3 on to my mac.