Wednesday, December 26, 2007

kirk's red colobus - jozani forest, zanzibar

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  1. score. this is one of the favorite animal photos that i've taken. when it comes to wildlife photography i guess there are two things i'm looking for. one, is the once in a lifetime shot. a lion and a gorilla tagteaming, taking down a buffalo while in the background a leopard jumps from a tree that's being struck by lightning. not common, but it happens, and if you're there you get the cover of national geo. two, is the portrait. not just a picture of an animal, but a portrait that tells you a little about them. as if you could direct it and pose it in the perfect light and background and context.

    so i feel like this comes as close to an animal portrait as any wildlife shot i've taken.

    i don't know if these colobus are endangered technically, but they're rare, which also adds to this being a good shot. there are a couple habituated groups in jozani forest on zanzibar, so it's possible to get right among them. good stuff.