Sunday, December 9, 2007

michael - kampala international marathon


  1. michael is one of the ultimate players we know. i hadn't seen him in some months. smiles are rare from ugandans when you're taking their photo, so this was a coup. the edge of the first aid tent was a good spot for photos, with it's indirect light and darker backgrounds.

    in crowds, we know better than to try to find ugandans who we're looking for. we're a lot easier to spot for them than they are for us. so we can usually be sure that if we know somebody who's around, we'll probably meet up with them. let them come to us.

    although, i did see peter before he saw me. probably a first.

  2. i should note that smiles are rare from ugandans only when cameras are involved. smiles are big and plentiful at all other times.