Monday, December 17, 2007

mbuya hill barracks panorama


  1. for the most part, i feel like my pictures look pretty good at 800x533 pixels. it's not quite the same as seeing them as a full-size print, but the point comes across just fine. this panorama is not one of those cases. the original print is huge and you can see all the detail in the people around their homes and the laundry on the line etc. oh well. i will print this out 20" x 72" when i get home and it will be sweet.

    this is part of the army barracks at the bottom of our hill. i think the housing is for the families of soldiers. having driven by at this time of evening (15min until sunset) at least 50 times, i've always wanted to come here and get a good photo. the govt just sold off all this land to a private investor, so i decided i better hurry before the land all gets razed and an apartment complex gets put in. tonight was great light.

    we live near the top of the hill way in the background. i think more or less straight up from the small tree in the foreground with two skinny white trunks in a vee.

  2. feels like we were there just yesterday...

  3. Can't believe they've sold the land...ok, ok, I CAN believe it. But such a shame - that view is one of my favorites in Kla. I never got a great shot of it, though, as I was usually racing down the hill on a boda, and it was usually too bright, already dark, or I was bouncing on the speed humps. Can't wait to see the photo in all its glory