Friday, January 19, 2007

day 6


  1. i got my first roll of film back today. i have a nice point and shoot camera and get c41 process (read: a one hour photo place can do it) black & white film scanned to cd.

    i'm not sure why i do this. it aint cheap (meaning it's not free, digital is great that way), and the scans here aren't great. the negatives look good, though, so if i get my own scanner... i guess i just like staying in touch with photography's roots or something. plus, the little leica is a lot more inconspicuous than my digital and takes some mighty fine pics.

    this is the main taxi park in kampala. from here you can get to anywhere in the country. note the pickup truck stacked with pineapple in the lower right.

    i have thoughts of getting some black and white film developing equipment and a slide/negative scanner so my film photography is all self-contained. i think 99% of photographers out there would ask, "why?" we'll see.

  2. it's so interesting to see western marketing in such full force. the motorola billboard, toshiba, TWO coca cola signs.

    the photo from day 4 also showed a lot of signs in english. is that typical?

  3. Oh it's totally worth it. Love the b/w film. Try the same shot with both cameras and splice the images half and half? A painter I know did the same piece in oil and acrylic once just to see - - they were both nice, surprisngly similar.

  4. What strikes me about this photo is the timelessness of it (save the large Motorola ad). Unless you examined it closely, it could almost be from the '30s, '50s, or . . . now!