Sunday, January 14, 2007

31 days

so it's about time i start taking some pictures. to facilitate this, i am giving myself an assignment. i produce more when i have deadlines or someone or something to answer to, so making this public statement of purpose will hopefully do the trick. we'll start simple. for the next month i will make one photograph a day and post it here at philsgood photo a day. this isn't a jim brandenberg click the shutter only once a day kind of thing. i can take as many pictures as i want, i'm the boss. but i'll post one.

if the picture sucks, you should feel free to say, "you live in an african capital and that's the best you can do?" i'm hoping this will get me to take some risks, get out there and stick my lens in some people's faces, that kind of thing. i'd also be interested in any ideas for future assignments, some with more flair.

anyway, without further ado here is day number one: an inanimate object on my living room floor. how's that for taking risks?


  1. Some picture thoughts:

    - coolest boat you can find in the harbor
    - loneliest tree
    - sunset (choose location)
    - sunrise (out new apartment window)
    - lunch place + lunch
    - road leading to capital
    - a government stamper stamping
    - mcdonalds
    - street posse
    - more wildlife

  2. yes, that's what i'm looking for. keep 'em coming people.

    as it turns out, there are no starbucks in africa and mcdonalds only in egypt and south africa.