Wednesday, January 17, 2007

day 4


  1. i've always liked signs. i think one can often find good opportunities for humor or irony, or use signs to add context to the subject. along those lines, here are some sign shots that jump to mind:


    this is the favorite sign so far in kampala. traffic is always slow here, so it's also a popular spot for the homeless karamajong kids to hang out and beg. compared to other times shooting people, it was disturbingly easy to just snap away and ignore the kids - probably 'cos i'm so used to ignoring them in the car.

    maybe i should pay attention to what the sign says.

  2. Phil- This is great shot! Definitely, tells a story/stands on it's own.

  3. whoh. blogger no likey image links in the comments. i suggest right-clicking the above humor, irony, and context links and choosing "open in new window" if you want to look at them. -pb