Tuesday, January 23, 2007

day 10

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  1. the MIHV headquarters in ssembabule. paige and sister having an afternoon meeting before dinner (which has already been served). the bikes in the background are some of the ~80 that are being given to the volunteer community health workers who complete the MIHV training. the certificate and bike-giving ceremony is today here in ssembabule.

    i've seen plenty of photos that show the quality of the leica lenses in dim available light, and this was a perfect opportunity to use the indirect light coming in through the window to light the scene. their reputation seems to be valid.

    i think part of what appeals to me re: film vs digital comes from being a woodblock printmaker. you never know quite what you're going to get until you lift the paper off the inked block. same thing applies when seeing your negatives for the first time. there's also more of a craft element to film because of the expense. you have to really watch to get the shot instead of holding the trigger down.

    which isn't to say that i don't absolutely love digital photography...