Thursday, January 18, 2007

day 5

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  1. i've only seen one or two other vw bugs in uganda. they were in little better shape than this one, but still running. a guy at the the car wash - behind the white car at left - started calling, "hey muzungu! it's for sale!"

    i've been envying some other photographers online recently, and think i may need to learn some more photoshop. so this was shot in raw, but i still didn't do too much to it. besides, photojournalists are supposed to stay far away from photoshop.

    this was the first snap i took of the car and then i moved around a lot finding better perspectives. even after looking at them on the puter i didn't like this one and was thinking of cropping it. but then it gradually grew on me to become my favorite.

    for the most part, i don't like to crop images. i paid a lot for those 8,200,000 pixels; i wanna use them all! making square images is the exception.