Friday, January 26, 2007

day 13


  1. guys playing cards in nakasero market. the markets have great light all day long because the open stalls are covered by a roof. lots of light still gets in, but for the most part it's indirect. that combined with all the color (literal and figurative) makes it an appealing place to look for photos.

    this was a lower section of the market that i haven't been to before and it seemed like people paid less attention to me there than i'd been used to in other places. maybe it was coincidence. anyway, it made for easy shooting, so maybe i'll go back.

  2. Wow - amazing picture! I love the colors of the beans (?) coupled with the dark skin of the men in front of the brilliant red wall! I think you could win a prize with this one!


  3. Phil, great pictures, gives me great perspective on your life over there. Take Care Tom

  4. hi,
    Great pictures. I've just linked you on my blog and look forward to more postings.