Tuesday, January 16, 2007

day 3


  1. a chapati maker this morning in the bugolobi market.

    i bought a chapati and sat down to eat and watch the guys roll the dough and cook the chapati. i took a few shots of this guy (vasili?) and showed them around to the folks. they loved it but none were what i was looking for. the backgrounds at eye level weren't good. so this is taken looking up from knee level.

    i'm pretty stoked with this shot. i'm really self-conscious taking portraits. they never stopped paying attention to me, but i sat there for a long time and i think they got a little more comfortable with me being there. i'll be back and it'll get easier hopefully.

  2. great pictures Phil! I especially like this one, and I see what you were telling me about having a subject up close and to the side with a distant background. I know what you mean about taking photos of people up close in Kampala, its difficult. Keep the pictures coming :)