Monday, January 15, 2007

day 2

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  1. proof that making an assignment for myself works. i was having a productive day at home and the last thing i wanted to do was leave my project and go out in to the world. but the sun was setting and light fading fast and i did not have a photo for the day yet.

    here a matatu is coming in for a landing during the beginning of rush hour in downtown kampala.

    visually i'm happy with the depth of field in the photo - the crowds are sharp and the taxi has a nice blur but still quite recognizable. i wish i had had the patience to wait and get the same shot without the boda driver in the foreground.

    i think you can tell that these people are waiting for the taxi and that it's coming toward them. so it is an accessible photo in terms of subject matter. which i like. but if you're into asking questions, you can still wonder if the people are coming or going, is it morning or evening, where they coming or going to?