Sunday, January 28, 2007

day 15

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  1. tonight at frisbee we divided up in to the teams that we will use for the tournament in two weeks and since we aren't allowing kids aged under 16 to play in the tournament, that means some kids don't get to practice right now. he doesn't seem to mind.

    this is just after sunset with the iso bumped up and a wide aperture. he's too high in the shot for my liking, and i will make the excuse that sometimes my autofocus points don't line up with what i'm trying to lock in on.

    normally i use a single shot auto focus, lock in on the point and then recompose and pull the trigger. when i'm shooting sports, however, i use servo focusing which means the camera is constantly changing. so going back and forth from the on-field action to sideline scenery sometimes results in composition that i'm not 100% keen on.