Monday, January 29, 2007

day 16


  1. this plant(?) cactus(?) became more accessible today after our gardener got rid of older, dying leaves(?) towards its base. the embossed, shadowy impressions of the thorns appear on all the leaves, and i have no idea how or why. it's quite an effect, though.

    it was pretty dark out, so it was a bit of a challenge to keep the image in focus, shooting wide open and hand held at slow shutter speeds. after a number of tries, i ended up at iso 1600 and f/3.2 just so i could get a shutter speed and depth of field that would get me a focused image. the extra noise from the high iso actually turned out ok.

    the world of macro photography is pretty interesting. it's a whole nother way of looking at things. i could probably spend days just shooting in my house and yard if i had a tripod and a macro lens. maybe i'll save that for when i'm old and can't go on adventures, though.

  2. Phili,

    You can just print out an 8x10 of this one and send it to me in the snail mail!

    I'd buy this one in a heartbeat were it in Sivertson's or the Betsy Bowen Studio!

    xox Chicken Mama

    P.S. Please explain "our gardener". ??