Wednesday, January 31, 2007

day 18

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  1. how has it been more than two weeks and no picture of uno? and how do i take a picture of my most-photographed subject that i haven't taken before? like most of the images here, i guess it just happens.

    now that he is an outdoor cat, it opens up more possibilities than the standard fare of sleeping on a couch, sleeping on a pillow, sleeping in a bag, standing in the windowsill that has defined uno photography up to this point.

    this is by far my most heavily photoshopped image on the site. happily, it doesn't look that way. he moves too fast for my autofocus to keep up with, so i just used what i had and blurred the background even more and desaturated the grass so he would pop out a bit.

    i'll try to get to some more proper africa pictures tomorrow.