Wednesday, February 21, 2007

the latest flower in the garden

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  1. are flowers one of the most over-photographed subjects? i don't know. i take flower pictures almost every day here and i think a lot of them are really good. but i'm not putting them up because i worry that it's cliched. (klee-shayed, don't know how to accent the e)

    maybe i think that it's not important enough. after all, there are flowers everywhere. i'm in africa, new things all around me, and i choose flowers? why not wait until i get home?

    well, i'll continue wrestling with this monumental question. meanwhile you can look at my photo of this flower. these are big, the size of a bugle horn or a frosting cone for pastry chefs. they just showed up two days ago and hang straight down so, as you might imagine, this is taken looking straight up.

    the question that comes up when taking photos of flowers is whether to have the petals or the stamen/pollen in focus. not sure on that one.