Monday, February 12, 2007

day 30

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  1. tonight we went to day two of kampala's week-long boxing tournament. bouts were four rounds of probably three minutes. if you win you get to fight tomorrow. tonight was mostly welter weights, 57kg. we watched with our friend peter, who is fighting tomorrow in middle weight, 75kg. i'll definitely go back throughout the week because the fights will get better as the elimination continues.

    before going i had no idea what the venue was like or where we could sit, so i took my two fastest, longest lenses, expecting it to be dark, and us to be far away. as it turns out i can just go up and lean on the mat and stick my camera through the ropes, so i definitely will bring back my wide angle next time. i can probably stand on the mat and lean over the turnbuckles, we'll see if i get the courage.

    i tried some slow shutter speed flash stuff, but i really like the color better with the scene just lit from above the ring. i'll try some more flash - like i've said before i don't have as much experience with flash photography.