Saturday, February 24, 2007

dancing led

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  1. a day-long whitewater rafting trip down the nile with around 10 sets of rapids ranging from class 3 to 5 and this is what i have to show for it. actually, this is a pretty good approximation of how one feels after getting knocked around by the river for a day.

    this is with the little camera, which i still think is a great camera for a four-year-old 2 megapixel. it has a full manual setting, and when combined with a display on the back it's a great way to experiment quickly and find new ways to get a photo. i don't know if the new pocket cameras allow fully manual settings. maybe.

    this is seth with his headlamp over the course of 12 seconds at f/4 on iso 200. we're in the bar at the river outfitters where we spent the night after rafting.