Friday, February 2, 2007

day 20

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  1. printing presses. for some reason i love indoor, flourescent-lit industrial spaces. i thought i was going to get some time here, but the printers didn't call me to come in and look at the calendar proofs until 10pm. this is where the new vision newspaper gets printed, so this is a round the clock kind of place. (maybe all print shops are that way?) paige had the car so i got a driver, but he had other clients so i couldn't wait around. this is the one shot i took.

    color, light and line are all just about what i was hoping for, but i want to go back to find some more compositions. i want to get more of the space in the shot, but i don't want the distortion of wide angle. and the place is fairly packed, so i can't just back up without running in to something.

    i might be back tomorrow morning, so you might see more.

    here is a factory shot that i like