Wednesday, February 7, 2007

day 25


  1. leaf on a table. what else to say about a still life? well, it's my first one since day one. so there's that.

    i tend to favor lines that go upper right to lower left. (now that i've said that i'm going to look back at my images and find a ton that contradict that statement) upper right to lower left is what our eye naturally does anyway from reading [western texts] so maybe i do the opposite to present something different.

    like most pictures it started from good light. the leaf had nice crisp shadows because the sun was out, but the far-away trees were making shadows on the table top so it wasn't just a uniformly lit square.

  2. and by reading from upper right to lower left, i meant upper left to lower right. you know what i mean. silly blogger not allowing comment edits. sorry to confuse.