Tuesday, February 6, 2007

day 24


  1. since you didn't get a proper photo yesterday, i will make up for it with a couple today.

    this helicopter mural is the first of its kind that i've seen here. there are definitely places in the world where kids view this kind of stuff firsthand and it shows up in their doodles, but it's hard to know how old this is and whether it came from experience or from tv. it's been a while since there was serious fighting here.

    this photo is also an homage to brother eric who is currently somewhere between amsterdam and kuwait on his way to take photos and video of MN natl guard troops in iraq. those kids are definitely seeing the real thing. not tv.

    i wanted a child to be in the foreground to the right, but there were none. i'm going to be on this road again tomorrow, so maybe i'll be able to get the picture with a kiddo.

    on the bottom is the easiest funny sign picture to get. it exists everywhere. invariably, wherever there is a sign that says "no garbage here" there is garbage.

  2. That helicopter wall looks like the caves at Lascaux with the ancient animal paintings. Haunting.