Thursday, February 15, 2007



  1. with only one or two exceptions, all of the images on philsgood photo a day are posted on the date they were taken/made. with the 31 day project, though, there were times when i got a shot that i really liked that still didn't make the cut. so here is one.

    i had never seen a chameleon before - they have a ton of personality.

  2. phil!!! the chameleon was the subject of my ice sculpture from midwinter ball. it too has lots of character.

  3. fantastic photo. first of all, look how cool the eye has the same bumpy texture as the rest of the skin - plus the green matches almost perfectly with the leaves... yay camoflague.

    i found a pet chameleon while hiking at sipi, and i named him jose (for obvious reasons). did you name this one? where did you see it?