Monday, May 12, 2008

weaving a bed cover - boomu women's group

boomu women's group philip phil bowen photo photographer kampala uganda

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  1. boomu women's group

    we stayed here with paige's parents a couple months ago when we drove from kampala to arua. they have four bandas for accomodation, meals and crafts produced by the group members.

    they didn't have the loom set up when we were here before and it was neat to see it in action. this is a bed cover in progress. they were more than happy to have their photo taken. i guess they get that a lot being a tourist organization. but i still thought that these two acted as though no one else was around...more so than most.

    the mid-day light is significantly helped out by the roof overhead that has a skylight in the middle. well, a hole. it's not meant to provide rain cover, they cover the loom with a blue tarp when they're not working. i think it must be just to shade the workers but still light up the fabric so they can see what they are doing (and give photographers some nice light).

    this was the best of the bunch. good action for what was a pretty vigorous process.