Saturday, May 3, 2008

racing to paraa to make the last ferry home

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  1. this was a good way to pass the time as we tried to make it back to the landing for the last ferry of the day. we arrived* as the first car was driving on, launched three minutes later. yikes.

    it's kinda gimmicky, but in this case the long-exposure, zoom-as-you-shoot thing pretty accurately captures what was going on at the time. i had to stop down to f/22 to get a shutter speed slow enough for me to get the effect.

    i have a ton of dust on my sensor. it hasn't been cleaned since i moved to africa, and i'll risk a bit of understatement to say it's kinda dusty here. and i change lenses a lot. it's not usually a problem because i mostly shoot between f/1.4 and f/5.6 because i like small depth of field. and sensor dust doesn't show up with a wide aperture (why is that??).

    well, the dust is obvious here. i would normally remove the spots in processing but i left them because i thought they added to the mood.

    *and by "arrived" i mean full-on, rally, e-brake, oversteer-correcting, only-went-in-the-ditch-once, cloud of dust kind of thing.