Saturday, May 10, 2008

birds in murchison falls national park, uganda


  1. top to bottom: striped kingfisher, abyssinian ground-hornbill being strafed by a spur-winged lapwing, northern red bishop, cattle egrets, crested francolin, white-browed coucal.

    driving is a great way to get bird pictures because you can get a lot closer you can on foot. i guess you could get even closer by doing your homework, learning behavior and habitat, setting up a blind and waiting for your quarry to appear. and i bet that i will do just that in the future, but for now this works pretty well.

    i'll spare you the laments of wanting longer lenses (well, no i won't) but they say that bird photography starts at 500mm. not that a $7000 600mm lens instantly turns one into an accomplished bird photographer, because the big telephotos can introduce as many problems as they solve, but it would be fun to be out here with some serious glass and see what i could come up with.

  2. I dunno - the Crested Francolin looks an awful lot like a common ol' Minnesota grouse! ;)