Saturday, May 3, 2008

skipping stones across the nile - murchison


  1. lots of "rule of thirds" fun to be had with this photo. left to right, check. foreground to background, check. top to bottom, ...sort of. i guess it more in halves that way.

    pretty soon i imagine everything i say in these comments is going to be a rehash of something i've mentioned already. oh, well. somehow, we'll all survive. anyway, i've said it before here, but one of my favorite uses of the rule of thirds is not the arranging of elements from the left-to-right and top-to-bottom thirds of the image, but arranging them receding in to the distance of the photo.

    here coleman is close, tom, allie, and carmen are in the middle and the nile and the far shore are in the background.

    i think that an image with distinct fore, mid, and background elements can break a lot of other rules and still be successful.

  2. No worries about crocodiles with small children at the edge of the Nile?
    - Paranoid Jim B.

  3. it's a good point to always remember that you aren't in a zoo out there and there are no walls between you and the animals. there was a picture in the paper within the last couple years of a hippo chasing a guy right at the very ferry landing where this photo was taken.

    over easter this year a car cut off an elephant from where it wanted to go and the elephant took out the car. a number of injuries, but i don't think any life-threatening. also here in murchison.

    there are plenty of crocs in the nile but, no, we weren't worried. maybe we should have been? i haven't heard about any croc vs human incidents here.

    hippos kill more people than any other animal.