Sunday, May 11, 2008

the future king - murchison lion cubs

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  1. this cub didn't participate in any of the shenanigans other than the one or two times that one of the others made a half-hearted effort to knock him from his perch. he dispatched all comers with a swift wave of the paw. he sat there for almost the full half hour that we were watching the cubs.

    i imagine that he knows that he is the presumptive leader of the pride and needs to start separating himself from the child's play that was going on around him and maintain a presidential (dictatorial?) demeanor.

    i like the composition of this and being able to see the landscape and all, but i still wish i had twice as much lens length in situations like this. he's up above it all so there's plenty of physical separation from the background. 400mm+ would really help fill the frame and make the background disappear in to a blur. this was just after 8am, and the morning light was great.