Saturday, May 3, 2008

lion cubs - murchison falls national park, uganda


  1. After seeing the title and first photo involving the cuddly kings of the jungle, I kept paging down waiting to see the expected 1.4x telephoto tag...


  2. i wrote about this a little over at andersonbowen.comBLOG but this was one of the coolest experiences yet in africa. these nine cubs appeared out of the grass and walked right up to where we were parked at a water hole. they spent 15-20 minutes right next to our vehicle, drinking and lounging before disappearing back in to the grass.

    it was great light, although most of my shots were looking in to the sun with a nice layer of the day's safari dust on my lens. our guide in the morning told a story of how a waterbuck had recently dragged two females and seven cubs around before they finally got it down. so these may be that group of cubs. we didn't see their moms.

    i mentioned this in the shoebill comments, but the first few shots of the train of cubs approaching through the grass were WAY overexposed because i was so excited they were coming and forgot to check my exposure settings. it's good to learn those lessons when you have the time to take more than five pictures of the exciting subject.

    the urge to pet and love these cats is yes very much. but if they just took down a waterbuck, um, no, not so much.

  3. kaiser, the top photo is the only one that i cropped to zoom in a bit. i almost wished that i didn't have the 1.4x on the lens because they were so close that i didn't really need it and it would have been nice to have a little better image quality in the low light. but i wasn't about to take the time to switch and miss something.

    paige and i were just talking about the fact that lions are called king of the jungle. they are not from the jungle. gorillas, on the other hand...


  4. We Americans can't be bothered by pesky details like WHERE the animals we dub with catchy nicknames ACTUALLY live. Come now...

  5. I'll second that last comment Phil. Awesome that you are so close in the first place! I'll try to spend a little more time over here to pad your stats :)