Thursday, May 8, 2008

1 vs 5


  1. the cats love keeping to a routine and this is a big part of it. in the evening before we close up the house, we all go for a walk down to the third tier of the garden. they do their own little things for a couple minutes until one of them gets the initiative to pounce. today that was uno.

    they fight in brief spurts with impressive acrobatics, interspersed with little periods of rest. when they've tired each other out sufficiently, they again go their separate ways and attend to their individual needs before we all head back up to the house for dinner.

    this is actually good practice for action and wildlife photography. it's all about reading the body language or having an understanding of where the action is going to happen next. reacting to the movement in front of you probably means you're too late to get the shot. you have to anticipate.

    david hobby (strobist) says he would sit on the couch and photograph sports on the tv to work on his timing. me, i use the cats.

  2. i love this almost as much as the lions. :)