Saturday, March 3, 2007

prevent malaria by sleeping under a long-lasting insecticide-treated net

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  1. it took a while before i got a photo of sleeping under a bed net that i was happy with. i think this looks pretty, but malaria mosquitoes come out after 11pm and this is obviously daylight. might have to re-shoot at night with a kerosene lantern.

    the net is in focus because the net is literally and figuratively the focus of the image. the person is clear enough to tell that it's a pregnant woman (it is) but blurred enough to make it hard to tell what nationality she is (ethiopian).

    actually, the more i look at this the more it says "sleep in til noon in our secluded luxury cabanas as the gentle waves break on your own private beach" more than it says "sleep under a net or your unborn baby will get malaria."

    argh. more on this photoshoot on the africa blog.