Saturday, March 17, 2007


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  1. the holmenkollen has a legendary status among ski races. i think a win here ranks right up there with an olympic gold, especially for norwegians. i skied the course yesterday looking for good locations but it was cloudy so i couldn't get an accurate idea of where the sun and shadows would be. the spot i chose yesterday turned out to not be good in the sun so i relocated.

    the shot of kikkan was an ideal location. full sun on a hill crest with a shady background and no coaches or spectators in my way or in the background. unfortunately, it was on the section of the course that the women only ski once and the men don't ski at all.

    the wide-angle shot of kristen skjeldal was definitely the best of that series, and one of my faves from the whole day. i spent the first lap of the mens race holding the camera out at the feet of the racers with maybe 10% of the shots being decent. i really like the composition and it's a good change of pace from the standard head-on ski shot, but i have to get better at my technique.

    tobias angerer was 2nd by nine seconds today, and he may have still been in the lead when this photo was taken, about 5km from the finish. he's usually entirely expressionless, so it was cool to get him with the tongue out.