Wednesday, March 14, 2007

training day at holmenkollen

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  1. it was a nice day for just about anything in the hills above oslo today. certainly for coaching or spectating or taking pictures.

    the top photo of pete waxing is i think a good example of the rule of thirds that seems to be the most-used answer to the question "how do i take better pictures?" that is, divide the image frame in to thirds, and make sure that there's something interesting in each third.

    it actually works top to bottom and from foreground to background. i like the image fine, but i've never been a big rule of thirds devotee.

    other photo rules say to make sure the sun is at your back, but with a wide angle lens, that's a great rule to break. the lower image of kikkan gets some good flare and sun spots by shooting right in to the sun.

    my camera is about a foot from the track. no way do i get that close during a race. not that i couldn't get that close, it's just that i'd never want to and risk a tangle with an athlete.