Tuesday, March 20, 2007

swedish vasa

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  1. the vasa was built in the 17th century and as soon as it was launched, it promptly tipped over and sank. the ship is huge. the back shown here is 45 feet above the waterline. if you enlarge the image, you can see a set of stairs going down to the deck. they're far away, and they're only half-way to the bow of the ship.

    it was discovered in stockholm harbor in 1950 and raised a few years later. if you're ever in stockholm, i definitely recommend the museum.

    taking photos in museums has its ups and downs. on the plus side, the objects are usually well-lit (as in interestingly lit, not brightly). on the minus side, what's the point of taking a photo of something in a museum? it's not like the objects are going anywhere anytime soon, and they're generally always better documented in the postcards and books you can buy at the museum store.

    photos of people looking at things in museums, on the other hand, have more interest. i missed one opportunity for a shot like that today, but now i'll start looking for them more.