Thursday, March 22, 2007

palace sprints stockholm


  1. ah, shooting sports at night. it presents difficulties. higher iso settings mean more noise, slow shutter speeds and wide open apertures mean blurry images. the evening wasn't entirely a bust, but i feel like every image is a bit of a compromise between image quality and the camera setting that enables me to get the shot i want.

    for the prelims, i found a good location with views of the harbor and the royal hotel in the background.

    the photo area facing down the finish stretch was too far away from the line for me to get head-on shots of the finish with my 70-200, so i sneaked up close to the line and crouched out of the way of the tv cameras. very few sprints came down to the line, with this one being an exception.

    the palace and vip section is in the background. the king is in that crowd somewhere.

  2. that last picture is obscenely great.

    well done!

  3. Nice work, Philly.

    That picture of the lunge and O-BH getting air (on are some of the coolest pictures I've seen.


    word verification: xcshun. Weird.

  4. hey cork-
    i got a photo of thomas wassberg sking the holmenkollen trails before the race. he was getting crazy cheering from the fans.