Sunday, March 25, 2007


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  1. among the kampala ultimate players, mandela is one of the two or three i would vote most likely to succeed on the elite level in the states. any college team would love to have him for four years. i think he's around 19-21. he's pretty quiet, but surprised me on a car ride by talking non-stop about US politics, barack obama, condi rice, etc.

    i brought my new lens to practice. big, white camera lens draws a lot of attention. if you're debating between canon and nikon and know you want to be in situations with professional telephoto lenses while trying to blend may want to think about nikon. anyway. i was sitting on the ground and mandela leaned over in front of me for a picture. i had to lean back, my lens only focuses to 1.4 meters.

    i like the photo a lot. got the focus on his eye, like the composition. i got two shots with one press of the shutter and processed the other in black & white. i may post that to get feedback on which you prefer.