Thursday, March 15, 2007

drammen, norway classic sprints

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  1. a full day of world cup ski racing and 600+ photos to edit and develop. watching skiing and taking photos is the easy part. everything that happens once you get the files into the computer is work.

    andrew newell was 8th fastest in the qualification round and finished 12th on the day. i set myself up in the same position as last year to get the skiers head-on as they finished the prelims. it was cloudy, which was nice, because the sun is low and this view of the finish stretch faces west. even so, all that snow as a background can be tricky. newell is fully airborne in this shot. one or two strides from the finish.

    kikkan (usa), chandra (can) and magda (ita) all missed qualifying for finals by less than a second. so they had to watch the heats from the sidelines. here looking up at the action on the jumbotron screen. i shot in RAW today because of the difficulties of the white background - it is very easy to correct exposure mistakes in RAW. RAW also gives you the most control over black and white conversion. took advantage of that here.