Tuesday, March 4, 2008

variable & collared sunbirds - finally some boys

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  1. now you can see why i was hoping for some adult males to show up outside my window.

    early on, i had trouble distinguishing the variable and the collared sunbirds. we have the yellow-bellied version of the variable (it's white-bellied in kenya) so the coloring can be pretty similar between the two. in fact, the above photo is actually the first time i'd ever seen the the orange pectoral tufts.

    normally a photo as blurry as the variable wouldn't even be a keeper, let alone one that i'd publish. autofocus has a hard time with the light coming through the leaves. i'm focused like 5 inches in front of the bird. but i liked the dark and the light and the lines and the blurry background highlights. so it made the grade.