Tuesday, March 18, 2008

more activities in ssembabule district

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  1. some favorites from a full day driving around ssembabule district visiting program activities (and always bird watching).

    my first time in a school. this shows not even a third of the students in this classroom. there were two teachers i think. they were all clapping for me.

    community child health and vaccination day. even the normally stoic (when it comes to parenting) ugandan moms got a little emotional at seeing their little ones squirm and cry after being poked.

    spot-flanked barbet in the MIHV office compound. i've seen one before at lake mburo but here they have a nesting tree. so they're always around. you're not supposed to go near bird nests and i won't bother them anymore except with binoculars from a distance. even here i was pretty far away from their tree.

    one of the better kid photos i've gotten. sometimes they crowd in to look or have exaggerated expressions, but i felt like these four genuinely wanted to stand there and look good for a photo.