Friday, March 14, 2008

mihv ssembabule field office


  1. Hey, Papa-To-Be!

    The weak-minded / inquiring minds need some explanations for these great photos! I.e., is the office the Mommy-To-Be's or shared? Is the shower for the workers or the village / community? Is food served out of the kitchen that the woman is working in or is that just for the employees?

    Hope all is well - how are YOUR tummy troubles?

    xox Chicken Mama & Chainsaw Tommy

  2. took these photos within a few minutes of each other before leaving the ssembabule field office in the morning. the top office is for the health educators. there is another office for the accountants. the shower is for the employees. the plumbing doesn't work anymore, but they heat water for us in jerry cans. i doubt it gets used much when we aren't there. the bedroom is one of two that guests can stay in when visiting. most of the staff live in other villages, but sometimes they'll stay the night i think. this is half the kitchen. the other half is outdoors over a charcoal fire.