Monday, March 17, 2008

ultrasound UG style - 19+ weeks


  1. that is sweet.

    for comparison, in the us, in silicon valley, kate had to hold up a MIRROR to see the screen when we were getting the ultrasound.

    make sure to ask for lots of print outs of the ultrasound images. riley loves looking at a pre-birth self.

  2. good thing riley is symmetrical so he looked the same in the mirror.

    this is actually exactly the shot i had in my mind when i brought the camera with today. i was thinking i wouldn't get it if they turned the machine to face paige more, thus i would have to choose whether to see paige's face or see the screen. the angle worked out just right, though.

    the tech even turned out the lights, so i was working with just the light of the screen and a little from the crack in the door.

    i love being able to shoot at ISO 800 and 16mm and get noise-free blur-free images with 1/4 second exposures. you just can't get this shot with a point and shoot.

  3. ps. the two printouts we got are visible coming out of the printer far left. we were in the old room with a machine that looked like it could have been in houston, monitoring the apollo space program. old school, not a lot of clarity. images were mostly measurements to date the bean and to make sure all the plumbing was in order.