Saturday, March 15, 2008

the bean is getting larger - paige 19 weeks


  1. so i guess we'll make this a saturday tradition for the next few (hopefully no more than four!) months.

    here we are at the hotel in masaka, and it's the first time that paige has had a full-length mirror and so the first time that she has seen that yes she is, in fact, pregnant. took almost five months for her to believe it.

    i had my long lens on, so i had to get out on the balcony to get far enough away to get the shot i wanted. she's lit from the doorway with the dark of the room behind her.

    i'm hoping to get just the opposite of this shot in the near future, lit from behind, dark silhouette with maybe a little bright outline.

  2. is it too soon to start a "guess the gender" pool? i'll put in my coin-toss prediction first: it's a girl!