Saturday, March 8, 2008

paige in entebbe botanical gardens - 18 weeks


  1. so all you who have been clamoring (ok, only one of you) for paige pregnancy pictures - here's the first. i told you she doesn't look pregnant. plus, if i do this weekly i have like 20 more photos to go. all will be revealed in time.

    we went to the botanical gardens in entebbe today. first time we've been there, but i bet we'll be back. it's a great spot. some huge trees, really overgrown sections, and birds a'plenty. we added african pied hornbill to our list. it had been a while since we'd seen a new bird.

    so back to paige and pregnancy and photographs. i'll try to get a new picture every week. something cool. remember this isn't a baby blog, though. so don't expect photos of every little thing. it's a cat blog.

  2. what are you talking about? those are not the rock-hard abs i'm used to seeing, so i say she does look preggers.

    and i can't believe i'm the only one asking for photos... not even the grandmas?

    btw, that's a smart little outfit she's sporting. :)