Friday, March 28, 2008

fying UG style - arua > moyo > entebbe

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  1. this was my first flight within uganda, and there are a few interesting things to say. the plane is 20+ seats. it flies pretty low and clouds were few, so we had good viewing most of the way. plus i had previously driven a lot of what we flew over and i had a map with, so i was able to follow along our flight path pretty well.

    the second photo just after takeoff shows how rural things are outside of towns. i have a photo of thatch huts right on the side of the runway in moyo.

    the third photo is worth opening up large. i made it big. it's an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in gulu. the war in the north that hasn't officially ended yet caused a refugee crisis whereby villagers have relocated to these camps that are maintained by the UN and other NGOs. this was the biggest one that we flew over. we've driven through a couple and you notice how close the houses are for safety. not sure what the circle in lower right is.

    the USA plane was in entebbe when we landed. i don't know what it is. using the tail number i was able to find out when boeing built it and that it's a USAF plane, but i don't know who's using it or why it was in uganda.