Wednesday, January 9, 2008

family portrait


  1. here's a shot for this year's family planning calendar depicting a fictional family that does not practice family planning.

    the usual thing that happens in a photoshoot situation like this is a huge crowd developing off camera enjoying the scene. the subjects are distracted and 90% of them end up interacting with the crowd instead of with each other or the camera. especially kids are always looking not where you want them to look.

    not this crew, though. they were on point. the crowd was there as usual, but i had nine people all looking at me. i got a lot of great shots.

    and, the sun went behind a cloud just when i needed it to. i have some test shots from setting up when the sun was out and it was not so great.

    i have another photo from this series with the mother looking just like dorthea lange's famous migrant mother. also, i found one of that same mother breastfeeding that i hadn't seen before.

  2. Great way to get the message across. I like how they are standing/sitting out of their home. Is there a way I can get permission to use this photograph or the one where the mother not breastfeeding in a document titled, Uganda: Population Factors & the National Vision? that is being funded by USAID. I could share the surrounding text with you. My best, Kirsten

  3. Hi Kirsten, I'd be happy to talk to you about use for the above photo or one similar. Get in touch with me @ phil at philsgood dot com. Thanks!