Thursday, January 24, 2008

torin koos - canmore classic sprints

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  1. not a traditional xc skiing image, but one of my favorites so far. it's sort of a mistake - often the source of good images.

    in general i try to shoot classic skiing when they're striding on the uphills. there are very few situations where double-poling looks cool. so this is just after the crest of the uphill that i was shooting. i'm trying to get plenty of coverage of the US skiers, though, so i just held down the trigger as they went past in case something came of it. lucky me.

    from the "you make your own luck" department, i had positioned myself so that the shaded pine trees were in the background. but torin's position here with the contours of the snow and trees behind him matching up just right was totally lucky.

    his eyes are sharp, moment of peak exertion, good background, atypical but nice composition...all adds up to a cool picture.