Sunday, January 13, 2008

sunday training kampala ultimate

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  1. i won't be playing in the tournament in four weeks and i had a long run this morning that left me pretty drained, so i decided to take pictures instead of playing today.

    here is jojo just missing a catch during scrimmage. there tends to be great evening light on this pitch - the sun goes below the treeline about half an hour before the end of practice. this shot was after that, already getting towards dusk. iso400 and f/2.8 produce shutter speeds that are just fine for sports. and even with a sensor that three generations removed from the current, noise isn't a problem.

    even though i know the game well and where to look for upcoming action, i still haven't had consistently good ultimate shots. odds are that you get the most chances for good photos if you are even with or behind the thrower (depending on lens length) and you look for the under cuts coming to your side. that's what this one is. you can get the person's eyes and the disc in the shot.